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May 13, 2010

Light reading??

I don't think so. I'm now struggling to cover all the topics before the exam. I love reading but text book will be the last in my list. Text book is like the sleeping pills. You can automatically fall asleep once you've finished one page. I'm not lying.

Speaking about text book, I remember when I was in school, I always had a History text book right under my pillow. It's like my bedtime story. Whenever I couldn't get my eyes closed, I read that book and guess what?? I fell asleep within a minute!!!

But now, I have to read this book, by hook or by crook. Oh, yes..let me introduce to you my current light reading:

That is my light reading. I really have to struggle just to finish one chapter. And you know what happened when I'm bored??

Tadaaa!!!! I scribbled the first page with my drawings. Instead of writing, I love to draw. Especially when I'm bored.

Okay. Need to take a shower. I just came back from jogging and I smell like a pig now.

Hugs and Kisses..oppss..not now..I'm too smelly to hug and kiss you guys.

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