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May 14, 2010

It's fine!

We had a fight last night. And today when I woke up, we still keep on arguing. I'm so pissed off with his SMS last night saying that loving someone is similar with my teaching career. He said that I should stop hoping that he will love me back with all his. What's the point of having me as your girlfriend if your love for seems like fading away? One moment you could be very nice and sweet and one moment you could be like a stranger who doesn't know me at all. Sometimes you didn't realized the existence of me in your life.

Let me tell you something. My teaching career is different from loving you as a special person in my life. It may have similarities but IT IS DIFFERENT. In teaching, I have to plan every each of my lesson. The behavioral objectives are what I have to achieved at the end of my lesson. And of course, the objectives are different according to the level of my students. Sometimes I have to prepare 2 level of worksheets so that the slow learner could understand well. It's true that as a teacher, I'm really hoping that all my students will get 100% the gist of my lesson, but I couldn't. Why? Because I'm not teaching only one person but hundreds. And it reflects my objectives. Therefore I rarely write my objectives like "Pupils should be able to answer 10 out of 10 questions correctly" but I would rather prefer to write "Pupils should be able to answer 9 out of 10 questions correctly with minor mistakes". Minor mistakes refer to spelling errors. Teaching English for rural students is not easy.

Now move to the issue of loving you. In loving you I don't have to write my "lesson plan". I don't have to plan what I have to do specifically for every each day. I only have one objective to be achieved that is to be your life partner forever and ever. And I don't have to guide you and teach you how to love me back... because you are an adult. And it is a nature we want to be loved by someone that we love most. If loving you is just the same with my teaching career, then I have to teach you and tell you the "do and don't" in making me happy. That's not love, my dear. That is forcing someone to love me. Love should come naturally.

Thanks for being sarcastic.


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