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January 12, 2010


I don't have too much time in my hands lately. So, after a heated discussion with my supervisor, I realized that I'm being too negative with all this practical stuffs and I'm over thinking a lot of situations I'm in at the moment. Life is hard for almost everyone lately. I just really wish Zaffan was here with me to help me through all this. I decided today that I need to calm down for a while before my hectic life starts next week. And I decided to learn and improve my English by myself. There's a lot to be improved in my skills, especially my speaking and writing. I need to read, read and read..and also to collect as much teaching aid as I could..but in this recession time??? How could I?
This time I've just been taking what I have left and with all the knowledge that I obtained...I'll try my best to piece it all together....in essential I'm actually TEACHING....go girl!

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