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January 12, 2010

A Secretary Memory

Well I did tell you guys on my last post that I have to calm down a little bit, isn't it? So I decided to..you know browsed the Internet like always. Suddenly I stopped at this page. It's a quiz on which type of memory that I have. So I answered all the questions and the result was I have a Type A memory. What is all about Type A memory? Here are some description of my result.

Type A - Secretary Memory

You have no doubt an excellent memory. Having a Secretary's type of memory means that you're probably a walking organiser / notebook yourself. You remember the big and important things, and wonderfully, the small and minor details as well. It's like you can be trusted and dependable on, cuz I guess you're seldom forgetful, which may lead to troubles. But I worry for your brain, seriously... If you ever felt that your brain is getting too hot a little, I suggest it's time to relax a bit, and just try, try, try your best to stop remembering all the minor stuff! You're the kind of person who looks at the whole picture, and give comments from the important to the little things. It's good so that if you're planning for a event, your team can rest assured that things are well-planned and see through with you around.

Well I have to admit that the answer is accurate. Yes...I admit that I'm not in that hardworking group and study for almost all the time. I depended on the lecturer in my class for almost about 70%. That's one thing that I...sort of like regret it now. I could perform very well if I study hard. And yes. I do have my notebook/ organizer for almost all the time. I even tick my period cycle in my organizer. And yes! I do remember every single things- big and small- that happened in my life. But I cannot write everything in my blog as I've been watching by certain people now. Really have to be careful on every single words I write. Yes..I'm seldom forgetful..but when I start to forget about something...I tend to not remember what I forgot about at all...and eventually leads me to troubles. And yes, I love to remember all the minor stuffs and yet...I still keep thinking about it all the time. Guess what...it gives me headache. Really a headache. Migraine, specifically. Erm...need to go to bed now. Till then. Assalamualaikum.

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