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January 14, 2010


The day was July 15th, 2009 - it was my first day I came to this teaching institute. I still remember the day like it was yesterday with just as much detail. I can vividly recall what I was wearing that day. The first person that I met was Hui Yi. She brought me to our class where me and Rachel introduced ourselves in front of everybody. I felt so awkward at that time. But as time went by, I manage to get used and mingled with everyone in my unit, in fact with other units as well.

One semester gone, and I'm now in second semester..or should I say my last semester. Starting this Sunday, we will be no longer seeing each other in class like always we did back in last semester. We will start teaching for 3 months before our exam.

Studying in this institute and joining this course had exposed me in so many things. Only here, I learned to befriended with people which are older than me. At first I felt the difficulties to mingle around with them. But I managed to overcome this. And I had discovered one thing. One thing that makes me realized that older friends are wonderful to have because they can give you insight into different time and experiences. Even though they are differences in age, it's still possible to have fun and also to learn from each other. They all taught me something a little bit different about life. I rarely had older friends in my life before. Seriously.

To identify one defining moment in my life would be a challenge worth attempting for me. I have had many in my lifetime and I am only 23- well 24 this coming June. The friendship that I treasured here will be one of the greatest moments that I could not forget..ever. And I hope all the things that we cherished together will be last forever and ever, even after we've been posted.

Our last day KRS before our practical.....

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