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January 18, 2010


Some people asked me this question that I couldn't give the answer in detail- if I've been given only about a minute to give the answer and only a few lines to write that many reasons. "Why do you blog?". There many reasons for blogging actually. For example, one of the blogger put his best in giving the description of blogging. He said " We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our reactions run as causes and return to us as results." A very perfect description, don't you think?

Well, I started blogging past 2 years ago largely to pass time and share my feelings, my thoughts, my experiences and my hobbies- like everyone did I guess. I have several friends with blogs specifically dedicated to technologies, photography, relationship or even for fashion and gossips. And yet, I know that I'm not so focused. It's probably because I'm passionate about too many things. And perhaps because a blend of different topics allows that passion to come through in a voice I don't hear in quite the same way inside a blog about one thing. And for me blog is like the journal of my life. My PERSONAL life. Well..frankly, I want to write about things that make us feel human - happiness, sorrow, pain, failure, loneliness, so on and so forth. As for me, it's the humanity I see in a blog that keeps me coming back even if I try so hard to stop.

Moreover, for me, blogs should show personality. If you pay attention to someone's human side, you are bound to get fresh perspective certainly a good reason to read new blog or even start to have a new conversation. I admit that a small part of me, however, as selfishly hoping for admiration *at least some of friends are now become blogger too* and affirmation- a shallow attitude that I've long abandoned. Eventually, I discovered the joy via this "invisible threads" and "sympathetic fibers"; those human connections made along the way. Sometimes I tend to be lovely comfort of strangers and other blogger that I knew too.

You see...In life, we all had a favourite room we retreated to as a child and today, as an adult. well...you know, the room where we go disappear and just be ourselves. Same goes to my blog. My blog is my room. When I log on, I'm entering one of my favourite rooms, a place where I can think, express and be myself. Here, I write whatever comes to my mind- things that I passionate about, feelings that turn my life in to a mess, people I care about and issues or things that disturb or alarm me.

I know mostly I blog to express myself and reach to others because I want to tell something to no one specific and get it off from my chest. However, there are some people think it's because I'm a narcissist and highly think of myself, in simple word- selfish. I don't mind it at all. I don't stop or quit. In fact, I update my blog for almost everyday. I keep blogging because I've met so many great people like you through this medium. And i'm amazed to be introduced to a blogger i've never met!

And that's why I blog. You?

6 babbles:

eLianEz said...

yeay! y0u g0 babe! kal0 xleh bl0g baek pkai diary saje..hihi

AKMAR said...

that's why people created blog..to choose which part of your personal life that could be published to public..right?=)

bahirahyj said...

akmar jgn lupe follow kite plak..hehe..i'm new here!

AKMAR said...

sure bahirah..but what's you blog add?

bahirahyj said...


AKMAR said...

no problemo!=)