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January 17, 2010

What A Day!

As you all know, today's my first day at school as a pre-service teacher. Oh,I forgot to mention the name of the school, isn't it? Hurm.......I think better not to mention it here because I'm sure most of you don't have any idea where the school is. Well...I could just say it's a school situated in quite remote area. I've been bitten by mosquitoes like 4-5 times!! Serious.

Okay..Conclusion of the day.....one word. TIRED!!!!! I'm so tired even though it's only my first day. Never knew that the school is so active in extra curricular activities. After school, I went back home, performed my Zuhur prayer then get ready in sport attire because I had mini-marathon training. Phew~ But don't worry. I'm fine. I want to be a teacher that will make a big impressions on my school. Whoa! Go girl!

You see.....My first day as a teacher at school brings back so much memories when I was in elementary school. I still remember vividly the teacher who made a big impression on me. And a person that I would always remember would be my Mathematics teacher, Miss Rohaya. I used to be a very active student when I was in Year 6. I played netball. Everyday I had training. I became lazy and lazy until I failed my Mathematics paper. As a prefect, I shouldn't fail any paper. But she helped me realized that there was still room for improvement. In results to her aid, I managed to get A in my UPSR and always get good grades in Maths even when I was in high school. *I'm talking about Modern Maths here, not Add Maths..*But..I couldn't force myself to study Maths because I hate playing with numbers. Huu~

Okay..I think it's enough for now. I'll update later when I have time. Promise.=)

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