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December 09, 2009


Hey everyone! It looks like my blog is so dusty!! Dah lama dah tak update. Bukannya apa..I was just busy. I know it's sound typical but I am. Being at home is a way busy that being at Maktab. Sangat banyak house chores yang kena buat. It seems like everyone is taking advantage from my holidays. Kadang-kadang rasa bosan duduk rumah. Kamu semua tak tahu bagaimana kehidupan saya di rumah. Teruk. Tak sempat nak mandi pun. Even nak makan pun tak sempat. Why? Hanya saya dan Mr. Boify sahaja yang tahu.
Mari beralih ke topic yang lain. Well....grandpa's here! Which mean.....budu's here. Saya tak tahan dengan bau budu kat dapur. Seriously. Rasa nk muntah. Tapi kena tahanla. He's my only grandpa. Lagipun I don't have grannies. Hopefully budu tu cepat habis. Ewww.....geli! Di rumah saya tak pernah ada budu unless bila atuk datang. Even my mom geli nak makan budu. Macam mana lah orang boleh makan and cakap sedap. Well...different people differant taste buds.
Oh ya! One of my friends bercakap tentang appearance. Well..I'm particular about my appearance. I don't mind of having surged faced if i really have to do it. But thank God I don't have to do that. I always think that I'm not pretty and I admit that sometimes I'm jealous with other pretty girls out there. Frankly, I'm not like this before. I still can vividly remember my look when I was in high school. Such a horrible teenage girl with lots and lots of rashes and pimples. No guys attracted to me. Even my crushed, Mr. Boify pun tak pandang saya langsung. Dah la tak cantik, tak pandai pula tu. After masuk matriks, baru realized that it's so important to take care of yourself. That's why I chose to be in Hotel area. I'd learned to boost up my self-confidence and started to be very very particular about my appearance. And that's how i tackled my crushed. Haha. But now dah kurang sikit. Since dah busy and have other commitments. But still....I am particular about my appearance. Every woman should do it. You should take care of your look, your weight and your style. Make it simple yet stylish and what is more important..buy branded stuff. Paris Hilton, Coach, Liz Claiborne, XOXO, Nine West, Jimmy Choo..Simple and expensive. Well that's me:)
Okay then...have things to do. Catch you guys later. Till then.

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