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December 17, 2009


"B...kan i dah cakap i tak nak minta apa-apa dari u...tapi i ada satu je yang i nak..boleh tak i minta something dari u?
"Nak minta apa?"

" Can i call you "sayang" till the end of my life, no matter what?"

"Boleh sayang..Apa la b ni...ingatkan apa tadi"

Well those were our last sms before we went to sleep last night. Last night, I also had a strange dream..I bet I better called it a nightmare. Mimpi tersebut tersangat real. Serious. In that dream, me, my boify and his mama were at the mall, tengah memilih ring for me. Then time tengah pilih-pilih ring yang sesuai, boify phone rang. lepas jawab that phone call, boify terus cakap nak ke toilet. After a while, mama pula nak ke toilet. Then mama terserempak dengan boify flirting with other girl. Then mama balik ke kedai jeweleries and told me what she saw jut now...when suddenly.....2 robbers entered the shop. Mereka nak merompak kedai tersebut and telah melepaskan tembakan secara rambang..and the bullet went straight to my chest. It hurts. Blood's everywhere. Then boify came. He said he's sorry. He didn't mean to left me. And my last words to him "Can I call you "sayang" till the end of my life?". Boify was speechless and all he could do was crying. Then I'm dead. I pun tersedar. And bila sedar, I could still feel the pain in my chest. It was hard for me to breathe. I was suffocated. Sweating. That dream was so real. SO DAMN REAL. Eh?Macam drama la pulak kan? Dah kata mimpi...memangla. just hoping that the dream won't become my deja vu someday. Till then.

p/s: Chop! I had a new watch. It's not a Coach or Fossil or Tissot or Rolex..It's just a Swatch. Sila tengok wishlist saya. Sudah padam that new watch. Wee~

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