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September 12, 2009


I woke up this morning with the feeling of laziness. *like always,duh!!* Come on, it's Saturday! You know what it means? It's weekend!!And today, we are planning to have a Raya shopping at Pasar Payang. I think it's okay if I spent few hundreds for raya,kan? Raya pun bukannya selalu. Setahun sekali je.

Okay, let's get back to the topic. WC? Well....It has no link to toilet or washroom or whatever which is connected to that terms,actually. It's about weight crisis. Yes, my weight crisis. My current weight now is below 40 kg. *damn* Remember that I am so into ED (eating disorder) before? Don't worry, I'm now no longer have any relationship with ED. But now I'm struggling to increase my weight a little bit. Seriously, I really want to increase my weight to 45 kg, which is a long way to go. But the problem is I'm too particular on the meals that I'd taken. I'm still afraid of being fat and everytime I look at my picture, it looks like I'm sort of like fat. Could you belive that I'm fat?

Okay, really need your help in helping me get rid of this crisis. I really really want to reach an ideal weight with my height, which is at least 45 kg. HELP ME.

4 babbles:

pphoenix said...

i pn below 40kg
hidup aman bahagia je
nnt later on in life bila dah beranak satu ke dua naek la tu

Akmar said...

i need more energy sbb sgt aktif bersukan lately...nk tmbh weight sikit..

Dona said...

I weighed below 40 kilos when I was 11 years old, Akma. Now I'm a happy whopping 60kg. My advice to you is... eat without a care in the world. Confirm gemok macam I.

Akmar said...

Thanks Don..But mcm mana nak kumpulkan selera makan??