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September 13, 2009

♥ Just For You ♥

Firstly, I'm sorry if this entry will be sort of like jiwang a little bit. It's just that when it comes to 14th September, I will be like in love mode. I keep thinking of him. I wish I could be there right by his side and wishing him a very blissful birthday. *kan best if we were married. Then I could give him a sweet kiss on his cheeks. Perhaps on his lips.wee~* My dear Mr. Z, to be truth there's someone trying so hard to win my heart right now. But don't worry my dear. You will always have my heart. Always, now and forever.
For me, love can be so kind even sometimes it can be full of sorrow. However, everytime when he lets me down, I can heal my broken heart myself because love is soft and it can grow. And because love gives me strength. So what? Hearts can never be practical unless they are made unbreakable, right? But there are times when I feel so lonely. Those time when love can make me feel so weak. But hey!! Love will never give up!! With this love, I put my heart on the line with no regrets. I trust in love because love can make me fall. No matter how bad he treats me, loving him will not be a mistake at all. I will have our memories that will have touched my heart. And that's what makes loving you so worth whiled.

Happy birthday baby. I will always love you..Now, forever and always. Please pray for our happiness. Till then.

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