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February 09, 2009

This is life

It's Monday morning. Typical Monday morning. Nothing much to do. Still doing thoroughly search for stuffs in the store and wardrobe. Finding things to sell. I'm getting bored with my life,lately. Nothing much to do other than shopping, shopping and shopping. Buying this and buying that. My clothes are more than enough but still, I only wear clothes that I love most. The others? Just for my wardrobe decor. My shoes also are more than enough. From slippers to thong and from flats to wedges. Still I'm wearing my same favourite shoes. I miss my friends still I have no friends to hang out with. And I'm still waiting for next surprises. Surprise, surprise and surprises! I love surprises. Scary surprises or shocking surprises. Or maybe a surprise that will make me jumped into tears. The tears of happiness. A marriage proposal perhaps.

Well this is life. Mine is full of hope and surprises. Still hoping for miracle. Still hoping for that moment. Still hoping that i can sell more stuffs. Still hoping for some profit. See..mine is full of hope. Told you!Till then.

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