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February 15, 2009

It's Sunday!!

Today is Sunday, the day of the week. The day where we spent most of our times with our family and people that we love and care so much. Oh yes, I just realized that last Friday was "Friday the 13th". Huhu..Scary huh? When I was younger, I do believe what other people said about "Friday the 13th" Actually until now, I'm still waiting for that day to see what will happen. You know what, I saw something when I was in the kitchen ALONE. That thing moved so fast. Well it wasn't the first time I saw it here. It was my third time. And it was the same thing. And those three incident happen during Maghrib. Apakah benda tersebut?
Back to the topic. Tadi my sister, her family and I went to Jusco. We had our lunch there at Pizza Hut. I know,I know!I'd promised to boycott Israel but it takes time. My nieces love pizza. It so hard to resist pizza. This kind of thing will take some times. Just want to share the precious moment with you.

That's me (without any make-up:]), Aliah and Fatihah

Me and Aliah

Aliah's showing off her teeth. Hehe. Mr. Zaffan, that's Aliah. She's really really really wants to meet you, honey. Overall, I could say that today was fun even tough the service at Pizza Hut was so slow, yet saya sangat kenyang! Tomorrow I have something that is so important for me. Wish me luck and pray for my success. Till then.

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