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February 14, 2009

14th February

14th February? What is all about? Not a Valentine's Day. Seriously, I don't celebrate Valentine. He doesn't want us to celebrate it. Because there is something else beside Valentine's Day. Something special for him, not for me of course. I guess right now he's maybe having a flashback of his sweet memories before. Well I don't mind it. Seriously. First love is hard to forget. I understand that well enough. Besides,he has the right to do whatever he wants to. Tapi sejak semalam dan hari ni kan, dia susah sangat nak balas sms saya. Patutlah dia bosan nak layan saya semalam. Agak-agaknya kenapa ya? Pelik? Tak tahu? Diam-diam sudah. Oklah. Saya tak ada mood nak memblog panjang-panjang. Till then.

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