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August 11, 2008

An unforgettable kiss


It's already 3 in the morning but i still couldn't get myself into sleep..Maybe because i felt so dizzy right now..and when i closed my eyes, i felt like i'm riding a mary-go-round..so dizzy!!I switched on the lappy back and started thinking on what should i write about??
Hmm...i couldn't think anything right now except him..he's always in my mind, especially when i couldn't close my eyes to sleep..those things which were so sweet and i can never forget...
It was all started with the acoustica things...i was one of the member and as usual, i played the flute..It's not easy to play the traditional wood flute but Alhamdulillah, i'm quite a fast learner and i managed to get the score of the song on my own..(owh..i just miss that moment)..and one day, i was late for the practice as i have serving class at the mock restaurant..the class ended around 11 p.m.. i rushed to the practice room (which was the JPK's room) with my serving attire..black pants, white shirt with a bow tie and vest..(mind you that i'm freehair at that time)..i was shocked!!err...he was also there, playing the guitar....

Me: Wei Rollan, mana hang kutip budak tu?
Rollan: Dia kawan aku la..budak perindu..awat?hang kenal ka?

Of course i knew him!!he is my classmate back in samura..and i also had crushed on him before..(let's just don't talk about it..otherwise this entry will be very long..by the way, that was long long time ago, why should i tell?)But at that moment he didn't recognized me..maybe because i look soooo different than before..hmm...and to make it short, we're getting so closed because of that acoustica group..(thanks to Rollan for brought him back to me..kalau dah jodoh tak kemana kan??)And on our first show at Padang Kawad ( i can't remember what show it was..malam citra budaya kot..tak pun fesko..), we wore the same colour of outfit...he wore a white,plain baju melayu and i wore a white, plain baju kurung..then people thought that kami baru balik nikah..huu~ what a coincidence!And they day after the show, we went for a date...yes..our first date!!

28th February 2006..we declared as a couple..started from that day, we met each other so often,almost everyday..At that moment i told myself, it's worth to be patient for quite a long time..(again,kalau dah jodoh, tak kemana)..if you love something, let it go..if it comes back, then it's yours!!!yup..he's mine now!!

One thing that i couldn't forget was our first kiss..(mind you it's not that mouth-to-mouth,okay???)..it was 17th march, several weeks after we declaired as a couple..i have a band dinner at klang..so i asked him to send me and my friends to the place where the dinner was held as we took quite a long time to make-up and to make our hair done,and we miseed the bus..as we arrived there, he told me how cute and pretty i was that day in the Scottish skirt..and he gave me a sweet kiss on my both cheeks..and i was blushed!!!it was the sweetest kiss ever!!and i kissed his cheeks back...and guess what??on his way back from Klang, he's lost..then he smsed me saying that my kisses had drive him crazy and he couldn't find way back to shah alam..(padahal kelab executive Klang tu sangat dekat dengan shah alam...huuu~)..

It was a kiss...an unforgettable one..

Ok then..it's already late..i should have enough sleep as tomorrow i'll be going to KL with my sis for shopping..a lot of energy will be needed to go shopping with a shopaholic..Till then~

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