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August 31, 2008

Independence Day


I just arrived at Seremban yesterday.. and yesterday was a total disaster!!huuu~ i woke up early in the morning by my brother's phone call, asking me to wait for him at the middle of highway from melaka to muar as he has something for my mom..and then after had a breakfast, my mom asked me to go to Seremban and gave my brother 'air yaasin' that my mom did as he will sit for spm's trial this tuesday..wow..my mom do really love him so much..and i really am a good sister..huuu~i took a bus to Seremban,as you all know fuel is so expensive nowadays..first i took a bus from Merlimau to melaka Central..i was so pissed off as the driver was so greedy..he took extra passengers making me stuck like a sardine..and as i arrived at Melaka central, ticket to seremban and also kl were sold out..i didn't have choice so i have to go back home..so tired!!bayangkanlah berapa banyak masa and tenga yang saya dah habiskan..last2 balik rumah and amik kereta and i drive to seremban..struggle kan saya just nak hantar 'air yaasin' kat adik..sangat baikkan saya??saya pun tak tau sampai bila saya akan macam ni..bersusah payah untuk orang lain..for me, bila orang dah mintak tolong saya, itu ialah satu amanah yang wajib saya buat walau susah macam mana pun...haih~
Today is 31st of August and do you know what it means? Yes..today is our 51st Independence day..i feel like it was only yesterday i joined the merdeka parade with brass band uitm malaysia's..it was so tiring yet i got lots of experiences by joining it. Every year, there will be a celebration to celebrate the independence day. Last night, the countdown was held at the KLCC i guess lot of people came, especially teenagers..They were screaming here and there, and there was like no right or wrong to do what you want to do..Me, personally, i think that as a Muslim, shouldn't we just pray to our God and thanked Him for his blessing?or shouldn't we just joined the countdown activity held by the school, college or university?I never went to any countdown except that been held by school and university..The reason why is because first,it will lead to social problems based on what happened last few years..teenagers were drinking, partying, and many more..the situation was out of control and at the end lots of teenagers were arrested..and the second reason is that do they really know what is independence mean?do they really appreciate what our first prime ministers and his people did to receive independent from the British?Independence means the self-government of a nation, country, or state by its residents and population, or some portion thereof, generally exercising the exclusive right to have control over an area of governance, people, or oneself..In summary it give the meaning of freedom..I am so upset that most of the teenager just like to have party and most of them are Malay....
Please guys..please wake from your sleep..don't you guys realized that we will gonna be a leader in the future??come on guys...tolong lah appreciate ape yang tokoh-tokoh negara kita lakukan untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan..Kamu nak ke negara kita dijajah untuk sekali lagi? Kamu nak ke hidup dalam jajahan orang?
Just think by yourself..Till then~

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