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September 11, 2015

The real situation.

I still remember that day when I had to sit for the interview to be the English teacher. One of the interview slot was 2 hours essay writing. 1 hour for compulsory topic and another one hour for the free writing which there were few topics you can choose. I am not going discuss on the topic of free writing essay. It's the easiest one, of course. 

My compulsory essay was I had to write about "CORRUPTION". 7 years back, I had no clue what was the topic all about. But I was being me, being so naive..I didn't see that the topic was the major issue in my country. I thought that I live in a peaceful and harmony country which everyone was so sincere and honest.

Now, 7 years after...I can see clearly and understand what  CORRUPTION is all about. If I had to write about it, I think I can write longer...more than three pages within one hour I guess.

But I am just like any other ordinary citizens..too much critics and sharing thoughts or I could be skating on the thin ice. What else I can do? What else can WE do? The power is not in our hand.

Hugs and kisses,

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