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September 09, 2015

A note to Hannah.

Dear Hannah,

There is no love so lasting, so strong, so devoted, so unselfish than my love for you. It is the first and purest of all love. It begins with your birth and ends with my death. Soon you are going to be a girl..but don't worry sayang. The memory and love that we treasure together will sweeten many a cup of sorrow and will lighten many hours of darkness. You may lose everything in this world, and my love will alone stick by you. You may go down but the memory of me and my undying love may come like a golden cloud, and with all its early strength and warmth, will make you stand up again and fight. 

And if you read this post in the future, please remember that the love between a mother and her daughter is forever. 

Ibu loves you so much my love.

Hugs and kisses,

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