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January 10, 2012

I went for a movie with my clique just now. And guess what??? We had Mr. Holmes to cheer us up after such a long and tired day at school. Actually we planned to watch it with another movie next week after our paycheck.it's kinda movie marathon..but since tomorrow is the last day of Holmes show, we had no choice.*At least I have a reason to hang out after school...=p

Well..Mr. Holmes didn't let us down. I like the story, I mean I'm into such movie. It keeps me wondering what will happen next. And please don't ask me about my heartbeat...dupdapdupdapdupdap! >>>sounds of my heartbeat. 

The story? It was fantastically,fabulously awesome! Mr Holmes is a very wise man with humor. Wonder if I could find a guy like him one day. Okay, don't go too far. Someone please wake me up. But seriously, every scenes in the story makes my heart pound and deadly laughing at the same time. The best scene was inside the train and the scene where Mr. Holmes was riding a pony, instead of a horse. Oh my gosh!! he's so cute and I just couldn't stop laughing!!! Now I'm giggling..i'm imagining the scene! heeeee~

But the ending? I just don't know why Mr. Holmes was still alive after he jumped from that building with that high? 

Hugs and kisses,