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December 17, 2011

Extra earning?

Everybody in the house is now having their sweet dream. All I could hear is my nieces snoring. They must be tired playing all day! But that's not the point. 

Well. I can't sleep.. Yes, I'm damn tired of shopping the whole day! That doesn't help me to shut my eyes. Counting sheep also didn't help. Hello!! Someone needs some sleep here! Adoi!

Oh yes..I did mention before that I want to earn extra money, right? With the help of my friend, I got a call from one of the well known magazine publisher for a test shoot. What?????????????????????? Bajet model muslimah uolssss! Kuangkuangkuang....

The thing is...I'm not sure that I can make it or not. Maybe belum biasa kot...Tapi part of me nak pergi cuba try test....Tapi..iolsss kan pemalu...Gitu...

Another thing is....memandangkan la ni iolsss digantung tak bertali kan....so I think I don't need that extra earning anymore. What I have now is enough for me to spend. Ceh...kan main berlagak lagi kan...Well...not trying to be snobbish here..Just that I don't really think I need that extra money anymore..Lagipun miggu depan nak spend time dengan family. Ceh..alasan..

Patah seribu...hatiku....Kuangkuangkuang..Oklah gohjes..nak grab buku..baca sampai terlelap. Good night gohjess-gohjess sekalian. Muaahh!

Psssttt...korang nak gi tak?

Hugs and kisses,

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