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July 18, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Assalamualaikum. Mom is not feeling well lately. Last Saturday, she was laying on the bed like for the whole day. She didn't eat and she vomited. I'm so worried!!!

But...........Despite from being so worried, I'm quite happy when..well you know...But I don't know how to react..It's a mixed of feelings. 

And today I met him before I went back home. We had a short discussion about the colour. And luckily, he is not that cerewet-sana-sini guy. Thank god. Beliau sangat calm. And I still have less than an hour to finalize the colour before I purchase that particular thing.

Well, if you ask me, I think white with a blend of cream will be nice. And the design? Baju kurung modern. It's so classic, kan? And my dad really like that cream one. Hmmmm...And what about sayang saya? He is the type of i-tak-kisah-sayang.... Haih~ Ni baru nak cari kain........

I dream of a white wedding with splashes of pastels colours..Damn!! I've gone too far! sorry for that.

Tapi..mak is not feeling well...I can't be too happy... Dugaannnnn.........

Eh, boleh kan kami nak buat surprise?

Hugs and kisses,

2 babbles:

AnEs said...

yeayyy! don't worry..menda2 baik selalu dipermudahkan..

Akmar Amon said...