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June 08, 2011

Abah with his same old stories..=)

June is synonym with the Father's Day celebration. (I mean instead of my birthday..hihi)  So I'm gonna let my beautiful fingers dancing on my keyboard, sharing stories of my dad.

My family used to have a chat when we are enjoying our meals. I know that it's not a good habit but we used to do it ever since I was a little kid. Things that we chat are jokes and old grandmother stories. Although it were repeated over and over again, nothing can get us bored. So yesterday, when we (my abah (my dad), my mak (my mom), my 'lil brother, my grandfather and I) had our lunch together, we heard a frog croaking from our kitchen.Then my abah started to tell us the stories of the frog, the elephant and the crocodile. The same old stories that my abah used to tell me before. So I'm gonna share you my abah's version of both stories.

1) A story about a frog. 
Why does a frog croaking and had a chubby cheek and a big mouth?My abah said, there is a reason why a frog croak and makes that "ribbit" sounds. He told me that once a upon a time, I mean a very very long time ago, there was a family- a father,a mother and their son- lived happily in the forest. One day, the mother made slices of roasted beef. The smell was so good and it attracted the frog that live under a coconut shell nearby their house. The family was about to had their meal but then it was still too hot. So they decided to had a walk  at their backyard garden while waiting for the meal to get cold. The frog heard them and quickly went to their kitchen to steal that scrumptious roasted beef. The frog took the beef and quickly put it inside its mouth, without knowing that the beef is still too hot!! Then the frog heard a thumping sound approaching the kitchen. It was the family! The frog quickly hide itself inside the cupboard, with the hot beef inside its mouth. It couldn't stand the heat from the beef..so that's why it makes that "ribbit" sound. Just try imagine yourself put something hot inside your mouth.Hmmm..... 

I hate frog. I mean I REALLY hate frog. Ewww~
2) A story about an elephant and a crocodile.
Ever wondered why elephant had a trunk and crocodile had a long mouth? My dad told me that long ago, animals lived harmony in a jungle. One day, the weather became so hot and it occurred a drought. All the animals were craving for water especially the elephant. The elephant couldn't stand the heat anymore. It walked around and found a river which nearly dried. Unfortunately, there was a fierce crocodile lived in the river. Without asking a permission, the elephant drank the water from the river. It angered the crocodile. So the crocodile went mad and it had a fight with the elephant. The crocodile bit the elephant's nose and the elephant screamed in pain. The elephant tried to pull its nose away from the crocodile. They fought until their nose and mouth became lengthy. So that is why until now the elephant has a trunk and crocodile had a long mouth. Hmmm....what do you think?

Well...maybe my abah is right.
I do believe in my dad's stories as I grew up with them. Well abah, your daughter will always be there to listen to your jokes and stories..Even though sometimes it's kinda annoying. But you are the best abah in the world. I'm thankful to have a father like you.Happy father's day. I love you Abah. 

Hugs and kisses,

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