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May 15, 2011

Entry Hutang - Part 1

Okay, I know a million of you had been missing me since I was away for about 3 weeks. And I know I just couldn't keep on saying sorry as I might be away again and again. Well let's start with my very first part of Entry hutang. Hukhuk~

Date: 29th April 2011
Location: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

I rushed myself straight to Subang right after school and get ready for the Epic. Yeeha!!! Well, let just make this entry short. I didn't drive to Bukit Jalil because I know I couldn't tahan maa stuck in the jam and looking for the parking. So I parked my baby somewhere at Subang (well of course at a safe place laaa) and catched up the train to Bukit Jalil.

As I arrived there, the M5 t-shirts were all over!!! Okay, I admit that I was over excited as that was my very first time watching a live concert. Ala-ala jakun la Cik Limah oiii...But had to cover it in front of my Mr. Right. Oppss.. kantoi di situ. Well I was quite shocked with the extra long line. Sebab baik kan, I asked Mr. Right to queue. Tak baik bukan potong barisan. Siap sempat solat bagai. Fuhh~ Memang panjang gila. Then suddenlly idea gila Mr. Right datang. "B, why don't we just selit-selit je?" Dang~ Nice idea. Then I told him to pretend to take some photos here and there and then just zass! Selit and then call me. He said . Okay. Yay!

Dapat selit sangat depan, okay? Jealous tak? Well sila jangan jealous sebab cerita belum tamat lagi. Sampai je kat depan the guard tu cakap, camera SLR tak boleh bawak masuk. Only compact cam je. So we had to go back to his car which is so far away, put the camera and ran back to the stadium. Again, dapat selit. Yes!! Sempat! And we were standing quite in the front row.

Well overall, they're rock!! Rasa macam 2 jam menonton tak cukup. We want more and more. And watching one of my favourite band performing less than 50 meters from me was a very amazing experience! I enjoyed all the songs that they performed that night. Thanks to Mr. Right for the extremely superb date! Want the review of the concert? Well I guess no need, just watch it on Youtube. Time for piccas!!!

Look at the people!!
Nice. Credit to my Mr. Right.
Agak-agaknya ada tak Bloggers terselit dalam gambar ni?
The concert was an EPIC.

Hugs and kisses,

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