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May 16, 2011

16th May 2011

People often might think that teaching is as easy as a piece of cake. I was once had a mindset like that too. Well if you really do think like that, your mindsets and perceptions are wrong. Days pasts and being involved in this professions had made me realized that teaching is actually a one tough job.A professions that involves long hours, much stress and hopefully much satisfactions. People expect a teacher to be always in the classroom guiding the children to become worthwhile citizens while setting a good example for them. As a teacher, I must be very careful to avoid displaying a misdemeanor lest I will be branded as not behaving like a teacher. The word teacher tells me a lot about behaving well and being a model to people especially to the young people whom a I teach. I have to teach from the heart, not from the book.

As teaching the early level of kids, I think that dealing with the clients are the most stressing part for me. Parents always seeking for the perfections but sometimes they don't really co-operate and rely on the teacher 100%. The delegations of tasks will be more difficult when I have to do the filing thingy, the documentation thingy and at the same time I have to maintain my performance in my core business, which is teaching. Well, not to mention about cleaning the kids when they wet their pants. Sometimes I had to extand my working hours just to make sure that I always keep on track. But I take that as my worthwhile and amazing experiences ever.

However, everything - I mean the stressfulness, the patience, the hard work, the tiredness - seems faded away when my kids, my students appreciate me. I received flowers, cards, drawings and small presents everyday. Actually all the things are not that important. What I need is just a sincere, simple thank you to show their appreciations towards me. 

Me with one of my pupils during the Action Songs competition. I love you.
And today is the day. The day which I called it "Appreciation Day". To all my students, I love you more than you can imagine. Sorry for being "HULK" sometimes in the class. I just want you to know that I love you all every now and then. Nothing can make me happy except your good and outstanding achivements. I will always pray for your happiness and success. And please don't forget me, the one that taught you to know A,B,C until Z and the one who taught you to write your own name on the paper. May Allah  bestows you with happiness and success in your life. May you guys be a good doctor, a good lawyer, a good accountant, a good architect in the future. I am nothing without my students who always make my day.

And to all my friends and teachers out there, I wish all of you a very Happy Teacher's Day. Guru Penjana Transformasi Pendidikan Negara. God bless, InsyaAllah.


Hugs and kisses,

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