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February 04, 2011

Letters of the day? Night maybe?

Do you have any letters that you hate most? Err..I bet the word hate is too harsh. Let's change it to "You don't like most?". Well if you ask me, then these will be the answers :

s   m   m

Why? I'm now struggling to finish key-in my pupils' data. I know...I know that it's not good to keep on complaining but seriously.....I'm damn tired. My eyes, my mind, my back... Urghhh~

Fadzli told me to stop for a while and continue it tomorrow. Hurm....Let's see how. Or maybe you wanna help me? Okay then..need to sleep.

Good night peeps. err..maybe good morning??

Footnote to myself: Stop complaining Akma. You know that it's not good.

Hugs and kisses,

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