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December 10, 2010

Welcome back, Mr. Fever!

Hello readers. I'm now having a major back-ache, hell pain sore-throat and I'm shivering. Welcome back fever. Honestly speaking, what I hate most of having a fever is of course the medicine. I'm not a fan of any medicine except supplements. It's two different, isn't it? 

By the way, I'm starving. My tummy ask to be pampered but my sore-throat is my only obstacle now. It's too painful. It's indescribable. It makes me lost my appetite. I forced myself to eat but seriously, when I look at the plate, my appetite seems running away. The only plate that triggers my appetite is this cute little Barney plate. I don't know..maybe because it's cute? Don't you think? Gediks sungguh mak.

Cute isn't it?
The only food that I can allow to pass down my throat now is ice-cream. Yes! Boleh kenyang ke makan ice-cream je? Tet!! I need something to cool down the heat inside my throat. So ice-cream will be the best medicine. 

I'm welcoming Mr. Fever back but could you please go away faster? I need my energy back to settle down my workloads. I don't want to lay down on my bed, in my blanket and waiting for you to go away. My workloads is waiting. Besides, holidays will end soon. Please have mercy on me. 

Mode: Mak tak larat nolks...T_T

Hugs and kisses,

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