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December 16, 2010


Selamat pagi semua. Pagi-pagi lagi tadi aku dah online Facebook. Like always...check update status rakan-rakan. Suddenly teruja dengan status si Polan ni "I hate arguments,especially with someone I love".. Ahhh...arguments with your partner..Maksud aku boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or your wife. Nice. Very nice. Sebab aku agak selalu jugak ber-arguments dengan Mr. Boify.

Arguments..arguments..arguments..Ahhh....arguments are very exhausting! Setuju tak? Who ever agree with me, kindly please raise your hands up. Tet!!!

Actually, it is not wrong or bad to have arguments. Some arguments are good and necessary while others are nonsense and nasty, mean and just plain horrible.Well….no matter what type of argument you are having, they are draining and take a lot of energy. At the end, you have to apologize. For example, saje-saje nak cari gaduh gitu just to get his/her attention. Ehem..ehem..are you to talking to yourself?? Huahuahua..

Okay, so I admit that in our relationship, I am the queen of getting into arguments. Ye..ye…aku mengaku kelemahan aku.

The what not to do’s I’m still learning. Sometimes the most important thing I have learned not to do during my arguments with him is to say “I told you so” and “Fine. It’s up to you.” That will make it so much worst.

Another thing that will turn out my arguments with him more badly is when I lost my control and my emotions went beyond the limit. But I’m now more rational..ececece..ye ke? Ye la, of course! I’m mean I’m trying to and I did. So always remember, try not to lose control and get over with your emotions. (Pandai le nak nasihat orang kan??) Ku sedang berusaha dengan sangat gigih to get rid of this “queen-of-getting-into-arguments” title.

For me arguments are things that cannot or probably will never be avoided. Agree? Kadang-kadang nak pilih tempat makan pun boleh gaduh, nak tengok cite ape kat wayang ke….tu baru sikit…belum lagi yang major.. Jangan tanya apakah yang major itu. Dah lepas pun. Hope she didn’t pop-up and screw up our relationship lagi.

Let just make arguments go a lot better than they naturally would. Kita kena keep complete control of the situation and of course, the emotions. *Bercakap berdasarkan pengalaman..ececece*

As for the partner of the arguments, tolonglah keep the argument on task. Please don’t change the subject or buat kayu macam takde apa-apa berlaku. That is just asking for another argument later.

So..think before you speak. Bukan speak then baru fikir ye…Tet!! Pesanan untuk diri sendiri jugak.

Hugs and kisses,

1 babbles:

mizz_aainaa said...

yupp.. we cant run from having arguments with others..

what should do is learn from the mistake.. and the arguments help we know each other..