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September 30, 2010

Yup..And he's back!

Yay! Update!! At last I managed to post an entry after so long. Not that long actually. I mean quite long. Okay. Where should I start? Let's start with the moment he came back from Italy. I was.....erm...so damn happy!!! And zillion of thankful to Allah as he's safe and sound. Alhamdulillah. But I think he did lose some weight. It's okay, I told him to eat more.

I went to meet him last Tuesday. He fetched me at Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor after I completed my orientation course (which I will blog about it soon). Owh..I just miss him so much!! My tiredness was fading away the moment I looked at his smile. We headed straight to his house. And again, I had that scrumptious honey cornflakes prepared by my lovely Nabeela. Sedap!

While waiting for abah to fetch mama, he gave me something that make me went ooohhh!!It's gorgeous! Guess what?? Yup! Souvenirs from Italy for me!!!! Wanna see???


A pretty flowery purple shawl..so lovely!

And an elegance handbag clutch. I heart this one so much!!

Thank you so much sayang. I didn't expect that he'll buy me such souvenirs. I really love it!!

I had a chat with mama before we were off to KLCC to meet Jain. Owh..siap sempat nonton sinetron bersama mama dan adik sambil makan kuih raya. Hehe. We were off to KLCC around 6.30p.m. and jalan-jalan cari pasal there. Surveying things for that day. He asked me whether I want a pair of Jimmy Choo for that day..I was like..really?????haha. But of course, I don't want. Buat apa nak membazirkan.......beli yang biasa-biasa dah cukup dah sayang. It's you that I want..not that material-thingy.

And on our way back to send me home, he said something that makes me feel like I want to hug him and won't let him go. Dear, you are my everything too. Thanks for the souvenirs.

Good night everyone.

Hugs and kisses,

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