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July 01, 2010

My so-called Birthday Boyfriend

It's been a week since my last birthday. Birthdays are wonderful time of year, but not just for the good reasons that make kids love them such as presents, birthday cakes, hoards of attentions and the validation of telling everyone "Hey, I'm a year older now!". However, even though birthdays come once in a year but good birthdays come a few an far between. I always had pretty lousy birthday for almost every years. I have to wreck my brain to remember when was the last time I celebrate my birthday with him?

My 24th birthday was not that lousy as my previous one as I had Farini to accompany me while I was having a slice of cake. Last year I had to eat and enjoy my birthday cake alone. Thanks Farini for everything. I owe you one. Oh yes, before I go too far, I'm now talking about my so-called boyfriend. Sometimes I feel so jealous with my friends who always get surprises from their love ones. Me? Please don't ask.

Not a date, not a surprise, not a present - I only got one present this year, by the way, and it is from ME- not a birthday card, nothing. I remember I called him on my birthday night, and he had no mood to entertain me. I asked him why? And he said he's busy studying with some of his dudes. So I don't mind about it. But last 2 days I found out that he was hanging around with other girl, on the night I called him, or should I say, on my birthday. OMG! He cheated me on my birthday. I really don't mind if he did tell me the truth. Why he had to hide it from me? No wonder he didn't reply my sms and was acting like something was going wrong that night when I called him. Maybe that was "my birthday present".

Why he didn't realize that he won't get any chances to celebrate my birthday next year? And perhaps for years ahead as I will be posted to a place where connection is limited. People won't realize what they have until they lost it.

The clock is ticking and I'm counting every hours, every minutes and every second that I have right now.

Hugs and kisses,

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