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July 19, 2010

Life is unfair.

In life, we never rarely get what we want. That makes life is unfair. I bet it's not only me, who keep on lamenting the fact that life is UNFAIR..other people also. Did you realize that nowadays, the poor are getting poorer, the richer are getting richer, the failure become more failure and the successful became more successful. Life is indeed so damn unfair.

In my own life, all things that I see are like normal mundane things- unglamorous and unfair. Okay....I want to share with you something. Something that I considered as biased and unethical. Something that makes me blew up my top. I really don't like HATE it when an idle jerk got a better result without even had to strive for it. I labeled her as a photocopy machine who always copying other people ideas and works especially mine. But then she got an A- while I only got B+. I could say that almost 70% of your work are MY IDEAS, my masterpiece. But how could...what the hell was that?? If only I could turn back time and make my beloved Mongol sister explains the truth to the lecturer that she's don't deserve to get an A. But it's too late.

She always thought that she has a notable beauty that could make all guys fall for her. So she used that so-called-advantage to get whatever she wished for. Going out with lecturers so that you could get better grades? Going out with guy that came from out of nowhere..asked him to get you make-up, this and that..Owh.. Now I knew where did you get the money from. Did you sell your body too? Ouch!!! Sorry I had to say this..but you're just a bitch. You are not like what you said, like what you proud of. You're a just a coward banshee who keeps on hiding your flaws by being an extrovert person and keep on pretending. Opppsss...It seems like I just let the cat out of the bag!!

Seriously, knowing you will be the worst thing had ever happened in my life, EVER!Thanks to them, 3 of them that who must not be named here, for bringing me into reality that she's not a good person. I admit that you are generous..but being generous doesn't mean you are a good person. I did respect you as a sister before but now, I don't. How should I respect you if anyone with a BRAIN can see what you did were completely wrong? Sometimes I feel sorry for her because I think she's actually doesn't have that BRAIN. Owh..one more thing. Miss so-called-perfect, stop badmouthing about your little sister in front of others. You knew that she's a way better than you. But you just afraid to admit it, don't you?

There's a lot of other things happened to me that makes me think life is so unfair. Awful thing had happened and I couldn't turn back time even if I'm begging for it. But don't worry. I knew just what I can do to change this unfairness in life. It's something that we call it as ATTITUDE. It is about being contented with my life and what I've got, accept all the Qada' and Qadar from my creator, Allah the Almighty. Stop complaining and get on with my life and work. So "Live life to the fullest". Haha. It might sound like cliched, but I should start pondering that adage from now on You know what? There's no point of thinking whether life is unfair or not because life is indeed unfair. Just go on and live my dreams. In fact, I'm sick and tired of being entertained by people like miss so-called-perfect.

Owh,I do have another story about a different version of miss so-called-perfect. Let it be in my another so-called entry. Muahahahahahaha...

Hugs and kisses,

2 babbles:

onii said...

hurm..ni luahan perasaan atau mengumpat ni?hehehehehehe

Akmar Amon said...

this is an announcement..=p