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July 21, 2010

They are adorable

Hot topic for today.......kids with disability, kecilkan scope syndrome down kids. I know..I know...It's not a new issue. Sort of like dah basi gitu. But some of the people out there are still lack of awareness about this issue. People with a perception that these kids were monsters. But of course, they were totally wrong!

I remember few months back, when I was alone at the airport, waiting to depart, there was a boy, age around 3-4 years old, born with down syndrome, came to me (My boyfriend panggil saya magnet sebab bila jumpa kanak-kanak, mesti they'll come to me.Magnet???Apakah??). I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. I said "Hi" and he gave me his hand. I took his hand and asked what's his name. Then he hugged me and said "Ma...ma..". OMG! Isn't he's adorable? I was amazed by one of God's creature. Sangat comel. But then his elder brother seems like didn't feel comfortable with him. Ishk...tak baik abang buat mcm tu kat adik...

Saya tahu..saya belum pun ada anak, but I know raising kids with such disabilities can be challenging in many ways. But they are human too, like us. It just that instead of having 46 chromosomes, they have 47, the extra being with the 21st pair (Trisomy). And that's make them so special.

Isn't she adorable?
*Picture courtesy from Google edited by me*

I do make some light reading regarding syndrome down kids. Because I'm a teacher, who knows maybe someday I have to face with these special kids. Plus, I adore children so much, tak kisahlah mereka normal atau pun tidak. Furthermore, sooner or later, I'll become a mother too, right? So I have to be prepared. Well, generally these children want to be normal, want to be just like all of other children at their age, but they just don't get it why they are different from them. They are capable to understand what they are missing on but then, when they realized they are different from other kids at their age, they will become depressed. But hey, they are also able to be educated much like anyone else. Sometimes, in certain cases, these kids are even able to do better than their normal peers. See...how unique these kids are? Don't you ever underestimate them.

Again, these kids are special and unique. They have to be treated equally. Pernah kadang-kadang tengok drama tentang kids with disabilties, yang mana selalunya, ayah ataupun ibu dia tak mengaku yang itu ialah anaknya. Dan seringkali juga dalam drama tersebut si ayah will put the blame on the mother sebab lahirkan anak sebegitu dan begitu juga sebaliknya. Ya ampun..sedih..sometimes menitis airmata bila tengok drama sebegitu. Mereka tak berdosa. Mereka sama seperti kita..Human being. It just because they are special, doesn't mean they are different. So please..please..please..for those yang masih konon-konon macam geli ataupun jijik denagn kanak-kanak seperti ini, tolonglah ubah persepsi anda. Mereka juga datang dari pencipta yang sama. In fact, they are more special than us. Renung-renungkan!

Hugs and kisses,

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