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July 07, 2010


Last night I stared at the blank ceiling in my room, pretending like it was a blank white canvas. And there was me, ready to paint my own version of so-called painting to symbolize my dreams, my hopes, my wishes-like always I did before I close my eyes and fall asleep.

One word- Daydreaming. Most people don't consider daydreaming as a part of actual dreams. But seriously, everyday, I daydream about something, like future plans, reminiscences about the past, or non-sense images. I think daydreaming maybe applicable just as nightly dreams. Often, when I think things in my head, I attempt to add a bit of unrealistic and fantasy dreams at the end. I can control them to become like what I want and wish for. I can basically let my creative imaginations run away with my brain to the wonderland. Wee~

So....CONFESSION please. I'm now, happy to confess that...as being a short-time-period jobless...I'm now an official part-time daydreamer. and also a part-time SUDOKU puzzle addict.



Hugs and Kisses,

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