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June 01, 2010


How would you feel when suddenly, from out of nowhere, a bitch send you a message saying:

"I think I'd fall for your guy. You know what, he gave me a positive feedback. Pity u"

I told her that I don't believe such nonsense. Because you know why? I trust my boyfriend. Then she sent me all the messages between she and my bf. Plus, their conversation on YM. I was speechless. It was miserable. I thought he will appreciate my trust, but no, he didn't.

Oh, yes. Sorry guys. I'd deactivated my FB account. Don't worry, when everything is settle, and that bitch stops messing my life, I'll activate my account back. That's a promise.

What hurt me more is when I ask him about her.

Me: B, Alia Najwa tu ur friend ke?

Him: Eyh, tak la. Die skola laen. Tp mmg my child hood friend.

Then I asked that girl and she said:

Me: Who are you? His child hood friend? How did you know him?

Bitch: Nope. Not his child hood friend. I knew him through FB via one of my friends. He looks just like my ex.

Shit. He lied. Okay. Still, I tried to calm myself. When I told him about that, he tried so hard to cover it up. My heart broke into pieces.

After what he did, I think I'm ready to let him go. Don't worry. I won't do something stupid. Promise.

For that girl, I know you are such a pretty girl. Some more, a F.A. You should be grateful for the gift. Cantik itu kurniaan Allah, bukanlah tuah. Hargai and don't misuse it. Beauty won't last forever,dear.

And for you, I tried so hard to please you and to make you happy. Even you hurt me a lot, I didn't blame you. This isn't the first time people keep on messing with our relationship. It isn't easy for you and me to maintain our relationship. Suddenly because of her, you seems like confused. It's okay. If she can make you smile, then go. I love you and I just want you to be happy. Just don't erase me in your memory. I will always love you.

Saya terfikir akan sesuatu. Mungkin ada hikmahnya saya kena ke pedalaman kerana Allah itu Maha Mengetahui. Kan?

As my fingers lingering on the keyboard, typing this entry, I cried.

Hugs and Kisses,

6 babbles:

eLianEz said...

this really made me angry..da la babe, m0ve 0n..ada lagi baek dan tau hargai y0u better than him..

Fardilla Fawzi said...

yup babe..dah selalu sgt u pendam perasaan. I bukan nak jadi batu api. U deserve yg lebih baik dari tu. Dan perempuan tu pon satu. Tak sekolah agaknya. Haishh tak suke la bile kunk buat u mcm nie....

Anonymous said...

oh no.. smpai ati kazenku wat akak mcm 2.. sedih giler.. sbar ek kak.. =(

pphoenix said...

i'm taking things over after i deal with my stuff tomorrow.
to ur BFFs above : i know u care about her but u know very little of the truth. so don't judge.
to u : remember u don't deserve him if u can't trust him.
kunk's cousin : i just laughed big time over your statement.

pphoenix said...

i'm taking things over after i deal with tomorrow.
to your BFFs : i know u care about her, but u know very little. so don't judge.
to kunk's cousin : i just laughed big time over your statement.
to u : u know u don't deserve him if u refuse to trust him.

Anonymous said...

err... did i say something wrong????? what's there to laugh about?????