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May 22, 2010

It was great!!

Hello lovelies!!! Did you miss me???Really??Oh..how sweet..I miss you too!

I spent my weekends with my housemates and guess what??It was great!!!!!!We went to Kemaman and we were staying at Ida's place. I just couldn't help it was really really really great!!

We went for a movie at Kuantan. Shrek 3 was superb!!!! I love the story line. It has value. The movie did reflect my life, somehow. It makes me realized that we should appreciate of what we had before it's gone. I was nearly cried yesterday when Shrek lost his loving wife and adorable kids. It's a nice story.

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you the best part before the movie. I went for a make-up hunting!!! Weee~ Now my skin is getting better, it's time for me to reload my make-up bag with new stuffs. Bodyshop and The Faceshop are having sale. So I grabbed a concealer, a two-way cake, a blusher and an eyeshadow. Then I moved to Stage where I bought my turquoise eyeliner. It's stunning. I'd never ever used other colour of eyeliner before except black and dark brown. Just want to be a bit different. Guess what????? I'm happy.

But I'm so sorry. Because I was too busy for the hunting, I had no time for photos. Okay then. I have something new to be explored. A new game. wee~ I'll continue later. Till then.

Hugs and Kisses,

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