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April 10, 2010

I am feeling better

Words can hardly express how better I'm feeling right now. Woke up in the morning without having to think about the "observations" thing anymore. I just found out that it is quite annoying when there are people watching and evaluating me when I was teaching. It somehow makes me nervous and I lost my words sometimes. But hey!!It's over. The observation-thingy is over. Can you believe it???
So I went out with my housemates on Thursday night. It was sort of like a celebration, I could say. We went out for dinner at Noodle Station. I was having the same old meal Tomyam with Prawn Fired Rice and Iced Cafe Latte. Then I had "Strawberry Nut" for my dessert. It was like heaven when I took the first sip of "Strawberry Nut". I haven't ate any ice-cream for months!!! And I almost forgot the smooth and sweet taste of an ice-cream. That's explained how busy my life was for the past few months. I know it is not officially over yet as I have to go through the examination first. But at least the training-thingy is over. Soon.
Hurm...I was thinking that maybe I should confess what I'm facing right now. But I'm afraid that people might not believe me and maybe some of them would think that I'm just being a pathetic girl, begging for a sympathy. Better to think about this many times before I make the confession. Let's forget about it for a while. Ice-cream anyone?

..Strawberry Nut..

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