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March 18, 2010

Why is it so hard to find true friends?

Many people are lonely. Even though they meet with other people everyday, but they couldn't find their true friends. Do you ever face the similar experience? I do. I don't know why, recently I realized that it is really hard for me to find true friends. Why?

Finding true friends seems as though it would be a relatively simple task for most of us, after all, we are a very what I called "sociable species". Friends can easily be found through internet, like from friendster, facebook, twitter, or even blogger itself. But why is it so hard to find a friend that will never leave you in any kind of situation? I keep on thinking about this and end up by finding answers which I think could be the reason why.

It is not easy to build a sincere friendship that could last forever and ever. There maybe somewhere in the mix of forming relationships or friendships certain issues will arise and eventually could kill a friendship quickly. It could be dishonesty or maybe jealosy or hundreds other personality traits that are less than admirable. While I tend to gravitate toward those with values similar to my own when socializing, it is hard to determine what is truly inside of a person's heart and mind. I'm not a psychic that has a supernatural powers that could read other's mind. You see.....everyone enjoys presenting themselves well, but that does not necessarily mean that what you see is what you get when it comes to making friends. It can take years to truly come to know another person, and when we do it is very possible it turns out they are someone we really don't want to know.

But sometimes you don't have to take years to get to know other person when there is a give and take situations. When sincerity conquers all. Not only sincerity, the essence of true friendship lies in any number of personal attributes like loyalty, respect, humor, empathy, compassion and honesty, which are simply not present in all people. It is hard to find true friends because it is hard to find true people in general, who are willing to share openly and honestly and expect to receive the same in return.

When I think back, I admit that I miss my life as a student. Why? Because I have a lot of friends to cherish every moments. But.....do they really my true friends? I don't think so. They're maybe just my friends. Once they left college, they also left the happiness, the moments, the friendships. Once they found their life, either they happy or not, they seems like forgetting me. Well..it's not that I don't have true friends. I do. But it just that.................hmmm...it's so complicated for me to explain. Bukankah kawan yang sejati should share every moments together? Not only when we are in trouble. Please ladies....and gentlemen...Don't let the friendships to be influenced by gratification.
Think, think and think. Or is it because of me? Nope. Not me. I keep thinking about you, you, you, and you...Oh...please don't put "Busy" as your surname. It's just a damn typical old grandmother reason. And please..don't let your popularity screw up everything. There's nothing to be proud of. God can take it away from you in just a second.

Okay...sekarang dah tahu siapa kawan saya yang sejati. I do have a lots of friends but only now I realized which one is my true friends. Do I have to make a list here? Better not. Why? Eh...siapa yang makan cili, dialah yang terasa pedas. Isn't it? Sayang...bukan you la. Jangan la perasan pulak. Tet!! Need to sleep. Ngantuks~

Pardon me for the typo error...I'm so damn sleepy..

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