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March 26, 2010


Okay..I admit that I took a wrong step. You know...in life, sometimes I need to make mistakes so that I could learn myself as who I am. Sekarang saya rasa sangat bersyukur because I'd actually found someone that really really loves me. Dia sentiasa ada dengan saya selama ni. Even though he did sometimes hurt me, but he loves me. It just me who didn't realize all that.
Last night he told me that he is going to Senai next week for an interview. At first I doubted to let him go. What if he'll get that job? Then he will be going to Johor. Once again, I was just being too paranoid. Oh..come on Akma...grow up!!!! But as long as we love each other, there should be nothing to be worried of. And I'm sick and tired of being paranoid. I don't need it anymore.
He had taught me so much about love. He makes me realized that love is about commitment. Love is about putting someone else before myself. Love is about sacrifice, putting someone else first. Love is selfless. Love is the joy of giving. Love is a feeling that grows over time as it is nourished. So now, I should give him chance to improve himself, to boost his career. He needs me. He needs my support. And so do I. I need him. I need his support too. And we actually need each other.
But don't worry baby. Our memories will always keep me alive. No matter how far we will be apart, one thing will sure keep me alive..It's our MEMORIES. When I think about you, it's our memories that come to my mind. It will trap me in a space of time masa kita menghabiskan masa together. I have no photographers to see but your picture is with me..always. No one knows the depth from which my heart can love you..hanya tuhan saja yang tahu.
Sekarang ni, faithfulness is what we need in order to keep ourselves together tak kira berapa jauh pun kita berada. But now...one thing for sure is..I miss you a lot, dear...

Still remember this moment, honey?

Please pray for our happiness.

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