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January 05, 2010

I'm wondering.....

how our country will going to be in the future. Will peace, happiness and harmony exist in the future? I read news via Internet everyday and i feel so sympathy yet, at the same time sad and afraid. Sympathy to some people who tend to do anything just to have name and to be popular, also using dirty tricks just to earn money easily. Sad when there are innocent people had to suffer and afraid that..who knows...war might happened once again. You see....people nowadays choose to fight for their so-called right to lead the country. The question is...are they really qualified enough? Or they just inherit it from their ancestor?
As the future leader, we have to be really alert so that the mistakes made by our leader now won't be repeat again and again until it will become a tradition. Well...if you ask me what are the keys to maintain peace in our country, my answer would be easy..UNITY and INTEGRATION.
As we all know, Malaysia is a country of rich cultural heritage with different colours, religions, languages and way of life. However, there is always unity in diversity. We have fought unitedly against British rule under the leadership of Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Our spirit of unity got us independence. The same spirit needed for the continuous growth and welfare of the nation. Only when there is peace, we can develop into great nation. Therefore, unity and national integration are essential forever.
It's well known that Malaysia comprises people belonging to different beliefs, races, religions and languages. Unless a cultural integration among these different sections of people takes place, unless every Malaysian considers himself a Malaysian first, the integration of Malaysia is incomplete. But what makes me so worried now is that, from time to time unity seems fading away. People are becoming more greedy and greedy every each day. They do whatever they like as long as they get what they want. They don't even care people around them. They becoming so selfish.
However, there is always a solution to any problem. I could say that campaign like 1Malaysia is really working. Thanks to our beloved Prime Minister, for launching such a brilliant campaign. Thanks to media also for the advertisements that really rise up our spirits of unity. May this unity and integration of our nation last forever and ever. Remember that we have to live together, and perhaps die together. Don't ever fight for silly reasons and make mountains out of mole holes. Because we are one Malaysia!
Till then. Assalamualaikum and Salam 1Malaysia.

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