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January 10, 2010

Berfikir sekejap

Everybody is busy spending their time in front of the television right now- watching 24th AJL. I'm not that so interested with this kind of stuff, actually. I just stay in my room, searching the Internet like always. By the way, I can hear the t.v. from my room so I don't have to be in front of the t.v.

Early in this morning, during my English lecture, the lecturer asked a question. A question that makes me keep on thinking every now and then. She asked the question generally to everyone in the class. The question goes like this:

My lecturer: Do you know yourself? Do you THINK that you know yourself? ( She asked that question to my class)
Me: Gulp.....*Speechless*

I never asked such question to myself before. You see..we have to know ourselves first then only other people will know us. Do I really want to become a teacher? Yes of course!! But what was my nawaitu (intention) at the first place when I decided to become a teacher? I shouldn't be a cynic. Never ever again!I should be more sincere. SINCERE! Never thought that it's not easy to become a teacher. Phew~Always have to remember that "Tatasusila Profession Keguruan". ALWAYS!

What about you? Do you know yourself?

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