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November 19, 2009

7 s i g n s

Few days ago I read an article about 7 signs that he's serious about you. *don't know why recently I love to do some light reading on articles and books..it's the nature of a teacher maybe...huuu* Well...this article's quite interesting for me as it's related with my love life. I can't deny that the doubt-and-worry feeling keep on forcing me to be pessimistic and eventually.....arguments created! I don't want to go to any doctor love to have a therapy session..so what I can do is..I do some light reading about relationship *long distance relationship* on my own whenever I have free time. And tada!!!!found this article. Before this I always think that he's not serious with our relationship. Yela...he never showed that he wanted to be serious. He seems like don't even care how I feel. *I guess you guys know better about this, isn't it?*But I was wrong..I was totaly wrong.he's not like that. Not showing off your feeling to your love one doesn't mean that you don't love him/her, right?
So...let's just go through to this articles. These are the 7 signs of a guy when he's serious about you.
  1. He calls or texts you at the right time.
  2. He wants to see you...a lot!!!
  3. You pass the distance test. * Which I passed it!!!Yay!!*
  4. You stack up against the things he loves to do.
  5. He finds a way to make for you.
  6. You sees his other side
  7. You have down time together.
Well...does your boyfriend showing those signs? If you ask me..the answer is..YES!!!!
Till then~

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