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February 18, 2009

One of my best friends asked me a question just now about how to forget someone that we really love. He asked me for some advices and tips. Well for me, it's really hard to forget someone especially the one that we really love. If I'm in his shoes, I will throw away all stuffs that reminding me of him/her. Then I will throw away the memories and make the person never exist in my life. I will either hang out with my cliques or spend of my time at home and be alone for a while. Then of course, back to my creator, Allah the all mighty. I'll pray and read the Quran until I feel calm and better. And if I still couldn't forget him, I'll find someone that can replace him/her. My dear friend, this thing may takes some times to heal.Just hang on and cheer up!! I'll always be there for you. What most important is that you have to learn to forgive so it will be easy for you to forget.
Anyways, I'm going back to Melaka today. So I may not be around for a while.
Till then.

2 babbles:

pphoenix said...

i think it's Creator not creature

cik fiena said...

its easy to say but its not that very easy to do i meant for forgive n forget part..

to throw away the memories? hahaha the hardest part ever!

replacing? another hardest part~

but one thing for sure, friends really help a lot!