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January 02, 2009



I just lost my bidding for a diamond Coach wrislet. I did it for my sister cause I'm currently her P.A. and she asked me to bid that gorgeous wrislet. I'm so sorry for her as i could not win the bid. Right now i felt like it is a matter of luck. I'm not a lucky person. I never won any lucky numbers ever in my life. I never won any contest although i sent hundreds of the entry forms, still I'm not the winner. Those kind of things are usually dealing with luck.Talking about luck always remind me on someone. I have a friend where luck always on her side. Well you know who..She always win a contest. I envy her, sometimes..I mean sort of.Wawa...could you please lend me your lucky charms?Huhu~
Anyway, i hope that Liz Claiborne handbag will be mine. Even though I'm not lucky, I'm so generous. I gave my money to person like Liz Claiborne, Paris Hilton, Mark&Spencer and many more. So generous, am I?
Till Then~

1 babbles:

WaWa said...

luck have noting to do with it...it's the effort that make things happen!! and I've lost to many contests before I win 1, ...hehe,I just don't tell ya!

p/s: I could use a lil' bit of luck in LIFE..