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December 25, 2008



I just came back from vacation. 4 hours sitting in the car seat made my back and neck ached quite bad. Overall, Kuantan is still the same back in three years ago except for the certain buildings that had been painted with new colours. Others are still the same. On our first day of vacation, we went to Swiss Garden Resort & Spa. I spent my day at the pool, swimming and watching t.v. On the second day, we stayed at Hyatt Regency at Teluk Cempedak. One thing i love about the hotel is their service was awesome! I'll repeat to that hotel again..soon with him after we're getting married. Then we went to Berjaya Megamall and Kuantan Plaza. Shopping and wondering around whether i could find some of my friends..but i found none. Huhu~
Anyway, i have to unpack my stuffs. I'll continue later on.
Till then~

3 babbles:

KhaLifah feDi said...

emm jalan2 cari penat yer...emmm xpelah hari cuti kan so rest puas2 yer..
ok dh sekian afwan
"just be friend be 4 love"

Anonymous said...

so sad to know that your sis in law lost her twins. it must have been a trauma for her.. she needs support at the moment. but she must also look back what sins that she has done and stop doing it. May Allah bless all mukmin .Take care dear..

akmar said...

You are right Anonymous..
She did something that hurts my mom's feeling..Maybe that's why..and we as a mukmin must not forget that Allah is the almighty..