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September 18, 2008

Believe it or not?

Alhamdulillah,now i finally got a job. Even though I'm not that 'ready', but i still accept this job with open heart. You guys might be suprised that i'm now a teacher. A temporary teacher. I'm teaching English from form 4 to form 6 at SMK Dato' Abdul Rahman Yaakub.
I just finished my work. And today was my first day of work. Teaching isn't easy as i thought it were.
I still don't have my own timetable so today i was just sitting and reading some Grammar book. I have nothing to do as i only had one class only for today on 10.20 a.m. at 5MPV.
As i walked into the class, i was shocked!! There were only like 9 to 11 students in that class. Only half of the class present and the other half were absent. Most of the students are so naughty..And one of them said "Cikgu, class ni budak-budak dia semua mental". Dush!!!Seem like my nightmare came true!!But somehow, they are funny too. I was like laughing all the time..And they said "Teacher, i thought you were 19"..Am i that young?
Now i have to make revision everyday and i have to read all those literature components again!! Feel like i'm going back to school.
Nothing much to write..hmm..oh yes!Maybe I will go to Shah Alam this weekend if my parents allow me to drive and if they give me extra pocket money..Huu~Hurmmm..got lots of work to do now. Till then~
p/s:I'm dying to see you b!!!

2 babbles:

elianes said...

waa...seronok nyeh!
go0d luck babe n have fun teaching! :D

akmar said...

seronok ke?????i kene ajar MUET babe..tekanan