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April 30, 2013

Pampering is a must!

Today I feel so much better than yesterday even though my hand are still trembling and shaking. Thank you Allah for this speedy recovery. Alhamdulillah.

As I was resting and reading, suddenly my  husband called me. He said I can go to spa if I want to..you know, to do massage as I told him last night I had a serious back ache due to the fever.I quickly get off from my bed and took a shower, ready to pamper my body. I'm not used this area so I just go try an error. Found this spa called Baliness.Wow! Bali?! Sounds interesting. Why not to give a shot, right?

So I did full body scrub with massage and milk bath. OMG!!! That was refreshing! Being on the bed for 2 days with bruises here and there really make my body so tired. The scrub was awesome, the massage was so good and the bath was so refreshing! I can feel my skin is so moist, so tender, just like a baby!And after that I tried the facial. I'm so fussy when it comes to facial. I will not simply say yes to any facial as it involves my face. Last time I did facial it was 2010. It was at New York's skin solution. That was my last time.

As the beautician (the owner of the spa itself did the facial to me) touch my face she was amazed and she said my skin is so smooth, so tender, so clean, so moist, pores are so tight, and hardly been seen, I mostly have no problem on my skin at all. Alhamdulillah! So she started to interview me on the product that I'm currently using and my everyday beauty skin routine. So we started to have a chat. So here what I do everyday.

My night routine

1. Always, always, always remove your make up before you wash your face. Although you are not using any make up , just a moisturizer, sunblock and compact powder, you must remove the dirt. I only use this make up remover from Silky Girl. It's so cheap! MYR 15.90!

2. After removing the make up and the dirt, I wash my face using this Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate whitening purifying foam. The cleanser is so soft on your skin and leave your face clean, smooth and supple. You can get this at any Lancome booth for MYR 120.00 for 125ml.

3. Next I used this toner from Lancome also. I use Visionnaire Lotion Fondamental. It makes your pores so tight! And you will feel so good after applying it on your face. Sesiapa yang ada masalah pores yang besar, boleh cuba Visionnaire ni. Also, you can get it at any Lancome booth for the price MYR 160 for 200ml bottle.

4. Next step is serum. I'm using a serum, youth activator, also from Lancome. This Genefique serum is a must. Sebabnya dia akan memulihkan sel dari dalam. I mean dia pulihkan DNA kulit kita. Sangat awesome. It can be purchased at any Lancome booth. The price is MYR 249.00 only for 75ml bottle. And it's worth to buy!

5. After applying serum..for the moment I am using this vitamin C capsules from bodyshop. One capsule per night will leave your skin glowing the next day. I use it for a month then I stop for a month and I use it back again..until now. I don't use it continuously. But hey, don't worry, when you are using Lancome's product, you can mix it with others. Lancome product is so safe. No worries. :) You can get this capsule at any Bodyshop outlet. The Price is MYR 89.90 only for a case with 28 capsules inside. Enough for one month!

Ok. That's all about my everyday routine. And for my every week routine, I just use this Wash off Rice Mask from Skin Food, 2-3 times a week. Kalau rajin, 3 kali, kalau malas...2 kali je..hihi.  Been using it since I was a student, it's around 2008 if I'm not mistaken. And yes, I'm still using it now. It's so good and affordable. The price is only MYR 49.90 for 100 g bottle and it last for 6 months! 

That's for for the moment as the entry is getting longer. I'll share my day routine later in my next entry. Well my advice to every girls and women out there..Rajin-rajin lah menjaga kecantikan. Hargai kecantikan yang Allah dah bagi kat kita. Tak kisah lah product mahal ke murah, yang penting kita jaga. 

Pampering is a must! 

Hugs and kisses,

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