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December 06, 2011

Stop judging others.

Morning everyone. Rise and shine. I may not be rising today but still I can shine! Demam lo.. A third quarter full package fever - fever, flu, sore throat and body aching. Thank god takde batuk-batuk bagai. Kalau ada batuk, confirm dapat full package fever. Adoi nyer pun!

Anyways, lately I'm kinda flashing back all my sins. Of course, I am a sinner. I didn't want to talk about how bad i was before as I'm not going to let you guys judge me in a wrong way. Just leave it to Allah as He knows better. 

I know that I'm not a good person before. I'm annoying, sarcastic, narcissism..you named it. But that was BEFORE. Now I've changed a lot. A LOT. Frankly speaking, I just don't know why people keep on judging others badly once they committed something bad before? Didn't they know that people changed?  That people actually can turn over a new leaf? 

Ok...let's think. What does LIFE mean if we are too perfect to do mistakes? It means NOTHING guys, NOTHING. I admit that I'm not perfect. I do mistakes and I learned my lessons. I experienced things. That's how I learn from LIFE. Did you know that LIFE is an endless learning process?

My apologies to all the people out there whom I did wrong before. But believe me, I've changed. Maybe I'm not a good person before but that doesn't count me as a devil. And maybe you are a good person, the perfect one without any flaws...but that doesn't mean that you are an angel. That you are God. So please stop judging me if you don't know me. Stop judging others.

Furthermore, we are all human. Right?

Hugs and kisses,

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