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September 20, 2011

The hectic weekends story.

Assalamualaikum all.

I've been awful quiet lately. I've started my work routine and my weekends were packed with my BFF's wedding receptions. Yes, she's married!!! And I was as happy as a lark throughout the events. Times did fly so fast. I feel like it was yesterday when she said she had a boyfriend. And now, she's married!! Me? Whoa. Please don't ask. I have no answer for that. For me, my love life is like a wheel. I just couldn't say more. He's so unpredictable. And I just don't know what makes him so scared to confess. Let's just wait for a miracle. InsyaAllah. Full stop. Hey, stop talking about me la woi....It's about my BFF big day!

9th September 2011.
Mood of working already gone. I just couldn't wait to reached Ipoh as secepat as mungkin. Haha! Menggelupur. Her solemnization was after Isyak and I have to make sure that I arrived just in time. Didn't want to be late and didn't want to miss out my BFF precious moment once in a life!!! Alhamdulillah, I arrived before Maghrib. All I could say is she's so pretty as a picture. She looked so radiant. Seri pengantin memang naik. Wah...every bride will have that kind of radiant faces on their big day eh? Me want it too..huuuu~ Ngade la ko!

The period of waiting for akad nikah, she got the jitters and her both hands were sweating all the way! As I promised earlier, I will make sure that everything will be just fine. Tissue penuh dalam bag. Don't worry. Haha! The moment her hubby terima akad nikah, I had my teary eyes already. It's the tears of joys. I'm truly really happy for you. Macam aku pulakkan yang kahwin..Over~ But seriously, I'm happy.

10th September 2011
A bit busy that day. Started our hectic day with Majlis Khatam Al-quran. I joined the event. Right after that, settling things that need to be settled down before the reception. Never thought that real pengapit will be such busy. But I enjoyed it! Why? Because I always by her side every minute, every second! Ngeee~ And the event went smoothly even got small tiny matters here and there. Babe, you are so gorgeous on that day. Congratulations to both of you. I have some photos, taken from her OP, Mr. Mior. Tapi gambar reception tak ade. Just the solemnization je...

Congratulations babe!!
Heart this photo so much!!
The week after my BFF's big day, I was busy with my duty as Pengawas Peperiksaan at SJK (C) Kheow Bin. First time jaga exam. It was fun walaupun penat berdiri. Fun because I don't have to think about school matters for a while. Yay!!!

16th September 2011
Selamat Hari Malaysia everyone. Better late than never. Ngee~ We (me and BFF) getting ready for the 2nd reception at Seremban. After "tepek-tepek" inai session and we were ready for the journey. Her hubby said do whatever we want to do, so we decided to visit one of our friend, Liyana. Thanks to Liyana and husband sebab sudi entertained kami. Kalau tak, memang mati kutu, tak tahu nak buat apa. Huuu..

17th September 2011
This time, I was not busy like I was in Ipoh. Still, she's so gorgeous! And thanks to my deary sebab sudi datang Seremban and temankan I. If not, I'll be alone. Sob..sob. I had a great time there too. And the acar buah was so scrumptious. Sedaappppp!!! Rasa macam nak tapau je. Muahahahaha. Well, let the photos do the talking. Thanks Zaffan Zaini for the photos. I curik. Huahuahua.

That pretty bride is my BFF. =)
Like stairs. Us and them.=)
Iklan. Trying out the bride's shoes. Maybe I'll be the next?? 
Okay. Enough for now. Need to finish my lesson notes for tomorrow. And thanks to both of you for treating me pizza yesterday. You guys are so sweet. Wish you guys will live happily ever after. 

Hugs and kisses,

2 babbles:

Anonymous said...

mati2 cik minah igt u akmar... pengsan mak kejap tadi...~ sbb mcm nk tolong hurrey skali.. tp, tak jadi sbbnye bff u yang kawen kan... btw.. i doakan u cepat2 kahwin n bahagia...

Akmar Amon said...

cik minah oiii..i tukang try kasut pengantin je...hukhuk...amin..insyaAllah kalau ade rezeki..kahwinla i..tett!