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January 02, 2011

Gloomy Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday everyone. I don't feel today will be the happy Sunday for me. The weather is not that good. It's gloomy and cold outside. And I have to go back to where I belong. Tomorrow will be start working.As always. And I should go straight to school right after I reached my so-called-home. Need to clean my class, hang the curtain, sweeping here and there..arranging here and there...So it seems like my hectic, disaster life is about to start. Owh..Mr. Time....you did fly so fast, huh?

Owh, I did say that I still hunting for that priceless happiness, isn't it? Well actually that's the major thing I want for this year. I have two or maybe three minor things that I want to fulfill this year.
1. I want to be more chubbier. Which mean I need to gain back my appetite and I have to eat a lot. Yes baby, A LOT! So that lepas ni doctor boleh inject kat tangan saya...Yay!!

2. I want to undergo beauty treatment. Nak jadi cantik ye dik non.....Yes, I'd already look and make a survey on certain beauty clinics at Wangsa Maju area. And I found a place where the price of that treatment is sort of affordable for me. Yes baby, I'm about to go for a laser treatment for the unwanted scars on my face. But masih lagi mendapatkan khidmat nasihat. Takut juga nak buat...takut the side effects. Will get some more advice from the doctor. What do you think?

I guess tu je kot buat masa ni. And I really hope I could make it.

By the way, we had a chat last night. A long talk I could say. And I have nothing to comment about it. Still, I'm suffocated. I never knew that people started to change when they have intentions to go to the next level. That's what he said last night. And I never thought that love could be so difficult. Don't ask me why I love him so much. And I do miss him a lot. If only he knew how I felt............

Okay, enough. I need to take a shower and off to K.L. back. Happy working everyone. Have a blast Black Monday tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses,

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