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January 01, 2011

First of 2011

Happy new year everyone. I slept early last night. Hey, kan dah cakap. Saya bukan type yang celebrate new year ni. Sebab saya rasa tak perlu. It's a wasting-time-and-energy event. Furthermore, I'm not feeling good as well. This fever is killing me. Again. Hari ni kena check darah sebenarnya. Tapi malas. Tunggu la nanti. But hey! My emotions are back to normal. Alhamdulillah. Sometimes there are things that are hardly to accept but I have need to accept. So that is why SOMETIMES I fell and couldn't control my emotions. Okay enough about emotions. Too much of it can really really really make me sick. Muntah ye uolss...

Speaking about new year, I bet every each one of you have your own new resolutions. Want to be rich, want to achieve success, want to find new couple..or maybe want to travel all around the world. Well....You don't have to ask me. I still chasing my own happiness. So this year that resolutions of "Priceless happiness in my life" is still can be used. Jom sama-sama berdoa for that happiness. Amin, InsyaAllah.

Yesterday I went for a movie with my beloved bro. We went to watch Gulliver's Travel in 3D motion. Actually the original plan was Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. I watched that movie already but my little bro belum tengok. So nak la bawa dia tengok. But unfortunately the hall was full. Ada seat kosong but kena seperate dengan adik. Urghh~ mak tak rela nolks! So tukar plan. Tengok Gulliver's Travel in 3D. At first macam tak rela la kan nak tengok. But then, we found out that movie was not that bad dude! Kelakar!

Picture courtesy from Google.
With the actor Jack Black as Gulliver, I think that movie is complete! Awesome! I mean I like that kind of movie. Gulliver, a mail room guy who stuck in that mail room for years, takes an assignment to Bermuda Triangle. I think he wants to impress Darcy (Amanda Peet) , who works at the same office. He had a crushed on her actually. Well, to make it short, his travel ends up at Lilyput, an island where he towers all the tiny little citizens there. They called him a beast. There, where the adventures begin. Owh..best la cite ni. Tak rugi tengok! The best part was when Gulliver changed Lilyput into his so-called rock and roll city. Owh, dan masa part performance yang dia buat untuk menceritakan kisah hidup dia. Boleh plak blend cite Star wars dengan Titanic. Ahaks!

Okay then. I need to get ready. Nak ke pusara arwah nenek ku. Will continue later.

Happy new year everyone. Have a blast 2011.

Hugs and kisses,

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