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September 23, 2010


The second entry. Actually I was about to close my eyes but then..Aha! Somebody is spying on me. Like I don't know. You removed me as your friends..I don't mind. You blocked me from your blog..I don't mind..by the way, I'm not interested in your life at all. But then you keep on reading my blog??Why? Interested in my love's story, honey? Thought that you also have one. Opppsss!

Wow!! I feel like I'm really a hot stuff now. I think I should wear a pair of Jimmy Choo's next time. I'm a hot stuff! Besties, let's celebrate! Thanks for being my die-hard fan, young lady. Muahahahahahahaha!!!

Pathetic..damn pathetic... You are pathetic. Seriously serious.

I'm now trying to bring out the hell inside me. Am teaching myself to be selfish and mean. It looks like the angel needs a vacation. Goodbye angel and welcome devil. Thanks BFF's and my future sis-in-law for waking me up.

Wait a sec..it's the devil wears Prada or the devil wears Jimmy Choo? Or maybe just Charles and Keith. Whatever.

Good Night Lovelies..and of course..good night my dearly fan.

Hugs and kisses

2 babbles:

AnEs said...

eh,u got her reading ur blog ke?haha..btw, iphone4 makes me dro0linggggg!ah,cane nak simpan duit ne..waaa T_T

Akmar Amon said...

darl!!!!!!!!!!what about vacation????already told my friend from Jakarta that maybe nk ke sana next year....